Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss

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Today I am SO excited to become partnering with about this video! The website is my GO-TO source of everything Mediterranean Diet, recipes, weight reduction, and much more. Their 3 Day Free Diet Plan to lose weight is really so useful if slimming down is the goal. Apart from weight reduction, the med weight loss program is advantageous for all around health and durability. I think you’ll all love this particular things i eat per day vlog using Mediterranean Diet Diet Plan to lose weight!

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I’m Jordan, and I’m a follower of the things holistic overall health. I upload weekly videos about:

Maintaining a healthy diet, nutrient dense foods, that balance bloodstream sugar

Meal planning, cooking, recipes, diet, holistic health

Women’s health, hormones, PCOS, amenorrhea, anxiety/stress,

and existence like a health coach + Nurse Specialist!

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:00 Intro

:26 Breakfast

2:56 Mediterranean Diet Weight Reduction Diet Plan

4:50 Lunch

8:08 Dinner

*This video is perfect for informational purposes only and doesn’t substitute or replace medical health advice. A few of the links within the description might be affiliate links, meaning, free of charge for you, I’ll earn a commission should you click on making a purchase. Appreciate your support! 🙂

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