PERIOD PAIN: Natural Ways (THAT WORK) to Stop Period Cramps

Hey everybody! Would you have a problem with period discomfort or menstrual cramps? Dysmenorrhea might be common, but it is not normal when it is disturbing your everyday existence. Used to do an all natural overview of the greater natural and integrative treatments and remedies for period discomfort and cramps. Enjoy!

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:00 Intro

1:29 What can cause period discomfort

4:05 Methods to prevent discomfort

7:10 Natural treatments for cramps

8:30 Supplements and herbs for cramps

10:21 Mind-body and therapies

12:13 Conventional treatments

13:08 Final notes

*This video is perfect for informational purposes only and doesn’t substitute or replace medical health advice. A few of the links within the description might be affiliate links, meaning, free of charge for you, I’ll earn a commission should you click on making a purchase. Appreciate your support! 🙂

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