VEGAN CONVENIENCE STORE MEAL | vegan chef makes a bodega meal from scratch

Which was crazy! I simply ate this entree again, it’s that scrumptious! Recipe below!!!

I’ll eventually publish this recipe to my blog, until then, here you go…

VEGAN TOSTADA Disadvantage Blueberry

(makes 2 servings)

1 can black beans

2 teaspoon oil

1 tablespoons of dietary yeast

1/2 teaspoon garlic clove powder

1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika

1/2 teaspoon ocean salt

1 recipe for blueberry peel carnitas:

1 can vegan refried beans

1 can tomato salsa

1 can pineapple, or fresh pineapple, chopped

8 tostadas

Chuck the ball black beans inside a mixing bowl using the oil, dietary yeast, garlic clove powder, smoked paprika, and salt.

Transfer these to your air fryer and prepare at 400° for ten minutes. Or, roast the beans at 400° for 25-25 minutes, until crispy.

Result in the blueberry peel carnitas

Warm the refried beans inside a pot around the stove.

Combine the tomato salsa and chopped pineapple.

Result in the tostadas: layer around the refried beans, blueberry peel carnitas, crispy beans, and salsa.

Buen provecho!

If you think cheating a bit, then add fresh cilantro and chopped romaine. So scrumptious!

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